About Us

Exo Environmental provides consultancy services for integrated sediment and water management with an emphasis on ecology. We view the freshwater and marine environment in a holistic way where water, sediment and ecology are intrinsically linked. We therefore provide an across the spectrum range of services including dredging consultancy, consents and licensing, survey and monitoring, project management, site management and supervision and GIS and data management.

Exo Environmental Survey Marine

We draw on the latest research, technology and expertise available from across the UK and Europe, by attending and participating in international conferences, seminars and working groups. Allowing us to provide clients with practical value engineering solutions and independent advice. Clients are offered all stages of project management from concept to execution including:

  • Research, survey and sampling
  • Feasibility studies and assessments
  • Analysis and advice
  • Permitting, licencing and consents
  • Project design, engineering and development
  • Site Supervision and monitoring

We aim to provide creative and practical solutions at the forefront of innovation, ‘working with nature’ and bio-engineering, tailored to your project specific requirements. We pursue impartial services, enabling selection from the very best products and equipment available on the international market.

Exo is short for exogenetic processes; it is a collective term for the natural processes that shape the Earth’s surface. Examples of these processes are all types of weathering and erosion. Anthropogenic processes increasingly shape the earth’s surfaces, therefore social and economic factors are always included, pursuing the sustainability ethos. In the section below we have highlighted the core concepts that we pursue.

For further information on our services or to talk about your project, please contact us.