Here are some links to projects we’ve been a part of and also projects and resources that we are interested in.

PIANC           The International Navigation Association

CIWEM          The Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management

CEDA             The Central Dredging Organisation

WODA           The World Organization of Dredging Associations

USACE           Beneficial use of dredged material

USACE           Engineering with Nature

DOTS             Dredging Operations Technical Support Programme

Ecoshape      Building with Nature

SEDNET         European Sediment Network

PRISMA          Promoting Integrated Sediment Management

CEAMAS         Civil Engineering Applications for Marine Sediments

SMOCS           Sustainable Management of Contaminated Sediments

SETARMS       Sustainable Environmental Treatment and Reuse of Marine Sediment

DredgDikes    Dredged Materials in Dike Construction

Scaldwin         Better Water Quality in the Scheldt International River Basin District

ISCOWA          The International Society for the Environmental and Technical Implications of Construction with Alternative Materials

OMReg          Online Marine Registry, including sediment recharge projects

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