GeoBlock Platform

GeoΠBlock is an innovative geo-engineered cuboid that uses dredged sediment as the primary aggregate.

Based on proven technology, GeoΠBlock has the potential to turn what is currently defined as a waste material, into a viable product with the main application as an alternative to rock armour (Riprap).

Although the stabilisation and consolidation of dredged sediment is not a new concept. The GeoΠBlock platform brings together research institutes and end-users, ensuring information sharing, cost sharing and accelerating innovation.

Due to the heterogeneity of dredged sediment, stabilisation is achieved with a bespoke mix of binders tailored to suit the characteristics of the dredged material.

This valorisation of a waste material promotes the sustainable and efficient use of resources, whilst creating a circular economy.

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Business Case

A successful business case is achieved by matching supply and demand with the circular economy concept. Rock Armour (riprap) is typically imported to site from further afield, with an associated purchase, transport and environmental cost.

The based aggregate used in the GeoΠBlock however is readily available, local and provides an alternative beneficial reuse option, thereby avoiding the high cost associated with disposal activities. Combining this supply and demand, while working in close proximity to the source of the available material provides a win-win solution.

Furthermore benefits to the environment and carbon footprint can also be achieved. A client specific business case depends on their location, sediment characteristics and individual requirements.



So far initial laboratory testing has allowed refinement of the binder mix and the successful modification of this recipe to suit specific site conditions. Using these prototypes, initial stress testing has been conducted.

Following this preliminary success, the laboratory tests have been upscaled to produce multiple full sized GeoΠBlocks. During this secondary stage, further optimisation of the binder mix and production methodology has been assessed.

The next stage, pending the appropriate permits being granted, will be to incorporate these full sized GeoΠBlock’s into a six month field test aimed at measuring their resilience to site conditions. Additional laboratory testing will also investigate engineering, geotechnical and leachate properties of the material.

Following the anticipated success of these site trials, they will then be evaluated over the course of a four year dredging and habitat restoration project in an estuarine environment within the UK allowing evaluation over greater temporal scales.

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Join Us

The purpose of the GeoΠBlock Platform is to bring together research institutes and end-users, ensuring information sharing, cost sharing and accelerating innovation. Exo Environmental preforms the role of host to cement the parties involved.

Membership of the platform can be obtained by completing the membership form and the participants will be additionally provided with regular newsletters on progress of the pilots and trials.


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Research Programmes

The GeoΠBlock platform hosts several research programmes that promote idea and knowledge exchange to self-seed and drive innovation. Briefly, a research idea is initially raised by an individual or consortium of organisations and shared within the membership community. This idea is then developed into a proposal through collaboration with other interested parties and submitted on a quarterly basis to the steering group. Following selection, working groups consisting of members from within the interested research institutes and end-users are established and undertake the research. The working group’s research results are shared within the membership community and provide input for future research opportunities.

Following this model, several working groups simultaneously develop each research proposal, working together and sharing outcomes with the membership community to highlight future aims and accelerating innovation.

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