GeoBlock™ has the potential to turn what is currently defined as a waste material, into a viable product with the main application as an alternative to rock armour (concrete). Other applications include: traffic barriers, street furniture and more as GeoBlock can replicate any concrete type product. The possibilities really are endless. Take a look at our interactive 3D models below!

Original Design

Bollard Design

Bench Design

Bird Nest Design

GeoBlock with 3D textures

Another key use for GeoBlock is water and coastal defence. The GeoBlocks can be moulded into shapes featuring characteristic indentations specific to each water body. This not only improves the stabilisation process but also provides unique habitat opportunities such as rock pools or nesting cavities. Take a look at the following animations for just a few examples.

Example of GeoBlock being used for revetment
GeoBlock Eco-Reef Example Animation
GeoBlock Pipeline Protection Example Animation
GeoBlock Toe Protection Example Animation

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