Dredging Consultancy and Support

Exo Environmental, as dredging consultants, provide advice on all aspects of the dredging process. These services are always delivered with economic, social and environmental benefits as the primary targets. Working in close cooperation with the client and key stakeholders, solutions are achieved that have benefits across the pillars of sustainability. Exo facilitates the development of ‘capital’ and ‘maintenance’ dredging operations, through project design and development, to licencing and permitting applications to site management and environmental monitoring.

Generally a dredging process involves much more than just the dredging activity alone, therefore the range of services is equally extensive. With our international experience, Exo as dredging consultants, provide an insight into a multitude of solutions.

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Capital dredging

Capital dredging is the removal of material to create a new bed profile and is typically required during construction, development, mining or realignment schemes. Due to the removal of virgin material and alteration of the natural hydromorphology of the system, capital dredging requires detailed planning that is based on a holistic knowledge of the environment to ensure that the potential for adverse socioeconomic and environmental impacts is minimised. Exo Environmental offers all of the necessary services in one package, providing a project design that delivers the needs of our client whilst providing a project and management package that is robust to uncertainty.

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Maintenance dredging

Maintenance dredging (de-silting) is the removal of accumulated sediment from within existing waterways, without alteration to the bed profile. At Exo, we use our expertise to ensure that any maintenance dredging operations are conducted with optimum efficiency. From identifying opportunities for beneficial reuse to reduce costs to the generation of a long term sediment management strategy, we work hard to ensure that the most favourable economic and environmental dredging solution is selected for your project.


Case Study

Somerset Drainage Board Consortium

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Feasibility studies

With our wealth of dredging experience, knowledge of the legal frameworks and holistic understanding of the environment, Exo Environmental can assist with projects ranging in size and complexity. Whilst taking the needs and specification of our client into account, we offer feasibility studies during the initial stages of project development to ascertain all options available. This process ensures that the best possible solutions are identified, economic and environmental benefits are maximised and the project can progress fully supported by a flexible, evidenced based decision making framework.

  • Desktop and site based studies
  • Design using the ‘Working With Nature’ Philosophy
  • International expertise leading to most up to date modern solutions

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Marina Master, CSD

For further information and advice on dredging or having Exo as your dredging constultants please don’t hesitate to contact us.