Habitat Restoration and Creation


Habitat restoration and creation plays an important role in the future protection of the natural world and can deliver long term economic, social and environmental benefits. We recognise the importance of restoring existing sites and developing areas of new habitat and we contribute towards a more sustainable world through our expertise in beneficial reuse.

Combining our engineering and environmental expertise, we offer advice on the implementation of bioengineering techniques in wetland and bankside design for rivers, lakes and coastal environments, including the use of dredged sediments and suitable stabilisation techniques for habitat restoration and creation.

The development of brown sites, disused quarry pits and mining sites, and the improvement of green infrastructure all offer great potential habitats for wildlife. Both large and small scale habitat developments such as “stepping stones” and “corridors” can lead to environmental benefits with improvement in the associated ecosystem services. However, given the complexity of the natural world, a holistic approach is required. To facilitate the successful design and implementation of habitat restoration and creation works, we can provide a wide range of services:
• Feasibility studies
• Survey and monitoring
• Project design
• Management plans
• Protected species licensing and mitigation


Case Study

Brightlingsea Harbour Commissioners

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