Marine coastal zones are at the complex interface of terrestrial, freshwater and marine environments. At Exo Environmental, we are able to provide a range of oceanographic measurements to facilitate project design, execution and evaluation within this complex environment. These include:

  • Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCPs), provide multi-directional current measurements,
  • Multi-parameter Current-Temperature-Depth (CTD) probes, direct measurements and water column profiling,
  • Water samplers, depth-specific discrete sample acquisition,
  • Plankton surveys, different size classes for population assessments.

In addition to data collection, we have expertise in the analysis of oceanographic datasets and the undertaking of hydrodynamic and morphodynamic modelling studies. This allows us to take a holistic and ecosystem-based approach to our work, providing support services ranging from coastal process impacts to navigational assessments to tailored project design.

Please see our ‘Monitoring and Surveys’ page for further information on measurement suites that Exo Environmental provides.

Dopler, ADCP, Profiler, Nortek

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