The collection, analysis and management of environmental data is at the core of our projects. Using our state-of-the-art equipment, we provide services in the acquisition and processing of oceanographic, bathymetric, topographic and environmental data, all of which can be utilised in the formulation of reports, maps and other media requested, whilst our clients’ can rest assured in the knowledge that their projects are based on accuracy and precision.

Oceanographic surveys

Marine coastal zones are at the complex interface of terrestrial, freshwater and marine environments. At Exo Environmental, we are able to provide a range of oceanographic measurements to facilitate project design, execution and evaluation within this complex environment. These include:

  • Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCPs), provide multi-directional current measurements,
  • Multi-parameter Current-Temperature-Depth (CTD) probes, provide direct measurements of environmental parameters to support water column profiling,
  • Water samplers, depth-specific discrete sample acquisition,
  • Plankton surveys, different size classes for population assessments.

In addition to data collection, we have expertise in the analysis of oceanographic datasets and the undertaking of hydrodynamic and morphodynamic modelling studies. This allows us to take a holistic and ecosystem-based approach to our work, providing support services ranging from: coastal process impacts, to navigational assessments, to tailored project design.


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Dopler, ADCP, Profiler, Nortek
ADCP, Oceanographic, directional velocity

Bathymetric surveys

Bathymetry survey data is an essential component when planning any project within an aquatic or coastal environment and is especially true for dredging works.

Exo Environmental offers a complete bathymetry package with our survey vessel equipped with dual frequency echo sounder technology, which is able to measure both the hard underlying sediment levels, as well as the layer of soft accumulated sediments on top of the bedrock, providing detailed information about the true dredge volumes. This is all matched with our centimetre accuracy GNSS positioning system to provide extremely accurate bathymetry maps. Our survey methodology is based on the International Hydrographic Organisation standards and best practice, which ensures that all our surveys fulfil the required industry benchmarks and standards.

Furthermore, our survey vessel is available for quick mobilisation and its low draft makes it suitable even for extremely shallow waters, with our echosounder technology being able to operate in depths as low as 0.3m.


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Salhouse Broad
Elevation model
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Land and aerial surveys

Exo Environmental has the required expertise and state of the art TRIMBLE technology to perform centimetre precision, point based topographic GPS surveys. In addition, we offer aerial drone surveys enabling us to generate high resolution aerial photography and 3D surface models of the site.

When combined with our bathymetric survey capability, this allows us to match true dredge volumes with potential storage capacities, thereby facilitating our unrivalled expertise in designing and managing dredging and beneficial reuse projects.

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Blakeney Channel Coastal Community Team

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Waterside Marina
Elevation model, photogrammetry

Ecological surveys

Our ecologists have extensive wetland and aquatic experience, including work in sensitive locations and designated sites. Our baseline services include:

  • Preliminary ecological appraisals
  • Phase I habitat survey
  • Protected species surveys

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Orchards Holiday Village, St Osyth
ecological survey, PEA

sediment surveys

Understanding the sediment characteristics and composition on site is of vital importance when managing any dredging activity, planning to beneficially reuse arising dredged material or for the understanding of potential environmental impacts.

Using a range of specialist sampling equipment, Exo Environmental specialise in the surveying and acquisition of sediment samples from a range of environments. We have cooled storage and transport facilities and good working relationships with accredited and independent laboratories for a wide range of physicochemical, geotechnical and biological analysis, thereby enabling us to assess sediment suitability, including chemical and biological thresholds to determine potential risk prior to beneficial reuse.


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Brightlingsea harbour Commissioners
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