Fresh water is one of the most important resources on the planet. The direct and indirect use of water has significantly increased over the last decades. At the same time, damage and disruption caused by water during extreme weather events has lead to significant problems. This can be either in the form of floods or droughts. Our multidisciplinary team can help you manage water resources appropriately. Through the improvement of water management services on a catchment scale, that enables to manage both the water quality and the quantity.

Holistic water management incorporates urban, agricultural and natural landscapes, all having their own particular geographic and environmental characteristics. We use state of the art scientific equipment for monitoring, research and evaluation of project sites to determine the most suitable control measure. In order to come to a control measure we use a sustainable approach that is based on the triple bottom line.

Our areas of expertise include storm water, surface water (SUDS), waste water and ground water. We can provide a wide range of services please contact us for more information.

Watercourse maintenance is an integrated part of a water management regime, please also see our dredging page.

Sustainable Drainage Systems

Sustainable Drainage Systems are the modern day engineered equivalent of a healthy catchment in the built environment. While traditionally water was quickly drained to the sea, we now understand that water is precious and therefore flow is slowed and attenuated. Water is regarded as an asset and managed at a catchment level.

SuDS are part of a sustainable future, and form part of a modern vocabulary of terms such as working with nature, ecosystem services, climate change resilience and carbon sequestering. Exo Environmental has a unique experience of managing SuDS and SuDS maintenance know-how. Although maintenance is generally included in the design, the actual maintenance activities on site are often less than optimal. This can be caused by problems with the design or the construction, problems with communication or lack of funds. Furthermore nature restoration and development often go hand in hand with water storage and retention; supporting the water management regime.


Exo Environmental is specialised in surveying lakes, ponds, estuaries and other water bodies, including sample taking. We offer hydrological monitoring including dipwell services. We utilise a range of different sample taking methods that are proven effective in different environments, including a Van Dorn sampler. We have cooled storage and transport facilities for the samples and work together with accredited and independent laboratory for a wide range of chemical analysis. All our surveying and sampling is carried out according to the guidelines set out by the Environment Agency (EA), Marine Management Organisation (MMO) and Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (CEFAS).


Sediment source control is of major importance to improve water quality and to reduce the frequency of dredging. There are several major sources of sediment, for example inputs from the tidal regime, deposition from bank erosion and agricultural run-off. Other sources can be drains, outlets and accumulation of vegetation. Source control is an activity that requires equal attention as the actual dredging process.

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