Sediment Sampling and Surveying

Project Description

At Exo Environmental we regularly carry out lake surveys and sampling of sediment. Sediment can be present on lake and river beds in the shape of clay, silt, sand or organic matter. Sediment is also referred to as sludge, mud, spoil and ‘waste’. Yet in many cases this sediment, is simply accumulated particles of soil and plant matter.

Often the accumulation of sediment is of interest to understand how much material requires to be removed by dredging. This can be investigated by hydrographic (bathymetric) survey if you know the original or desired depth, otherwise a probing survey requires to be carried out to find the original bed. We frequently carry out hydrograhic surveys and probing surveys to map and quantify sediment to be dredged.

With our specialist equipment we can take undisturbed samples of sediment up to depths of 2 metres below bed. Yet we recently carried out sampling with a small rig up to 4 metres below bed level. If you require any surveying or sediment sampling to be carried out, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Project Details

  • AuthorWilliam Coulet
  • ClientLandscope Engineering
  • DateFebruary 2015
  • CatergorySediment Management