Environmental Benefits
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Dredging in Europe generates approximately 200,000,000 cubic metres of sediment each year, of which 98% is disposed of at sea or landfill. Only 2% is utilised beneficially, contributing to the circular economy.

Due to the heterogeneity of dredged sediment, stabilisation is achieved with a bespoke approach of chemical, mechanical and physical stabilisation tailored to suit the characteristics of the dredged sediment. This valorisation of a waste material promotes the sustainable and efficient use of resources, whilst supporting the circular economy.

The based aggregate used in the GeoBlock™ however is readily available, local and provides an alternative beneficial reuse option, thereby avoiding the high cost associated with disposal activities. Combining this supply and demand, while working in close proximity to the source of the available material provides a win-win solution.

Furthermore benefits to the environment and carbon footprint can also be achieved. A client specific business case depends on their location, sediment characteristics and individual requirements.

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