Exo Environmental provide project management services tailored towards the client and their individual requirements, whether we are periodically contributing our specific expertise or we are overseeing the project from start to finish.

Due to the inherent temporal and spatial variability of the natural environment, the prediction of environmental impacts as a result of marine infrastructure works and dredging activity can be uncertain. Additionally, licensing permits often stipulate adherence to environmental legislation and specified environmental thresholds. The careful planning of projects is therefore essential, yet not every aspect of the project can be foreseen or predicted with sufficient confidence at the outset.

At Exo Environmental, we employ an adaptive project management approach to our projects that facilitates flexible decision making and can be refined in response to future uncertainties through a monitoring-evaluation-adjustment cycle. This allows us to remain flexible, makes the project robust to uncertainty and ultimately leads to the successful completion of the works.
The summary below provides a non-exhaustive overview of the individual services:

• Strategic planning and feasibility studies
• Licensing applications
• Waste management and deployment applications
• Environmental impact assessments
• Habitat directive baseline assessment
• Site management and environmental site management
• Environmental monitoring
• Risk assessment
• HSE and H&S appraisals
• Cost benefit analysis
• Tender pricing and assessments
• Landowner consultation
• Stakeholder and community engagement

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Site Management and Supervision

Our experts are CITB accredited site managers and therefore offer a complete service in managing the on-site works while also having the dredging experience to understand the specific issues linked to projects at the land/water boundary. You will get the following benefits from having Exo Environmental on site:

  • Adherence to project schedules and budgets
  • Adherence to on site health and safety
  • Adherence to licence requirements
  • Risk mitigation
  • Effective and continuous stakeholder engagement

Case Study

St Osyth Borrow Pits

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Stakeholder Engagement

Exo Environmental takes proper stakeholder engagement very seriously as issues with stakeholders can seriously delay or even completely stop a project from completion, wasting time and money. We can organise stakeholder meetings, negotiate with land owners, licencing authorities and the general public to make sure your project stays on track.

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External funding

We offer clients advice on a large range of external funding opportunities and funding streams and have a proven track record in applying for grants and subsidies. In order to select and apply for the most appropriate funding we work closely with our network of experienced professionals and are regularly approached with project partnership offers from international collaborations. We make use of our collective experience and innovative thinking to achieve successful bids and to date, we have secured over £1,000,000 in grant funding for our clients with a 94% success rate.

Examples of general funding streams are:

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For further information on project management and advice please don’t hesitate to contact us.