Services for integrated sediment and holistic water management with a focus on ecology.

Dredging Consultants

Dredging, desilting and sediment removal is one of our core activities and in combination with our other services, we can provide a complete package.

Water Management

Water is the vibrant lifeline of a catchment, and stands at the heart of our work, working in estuaries, rivers, lakes and creeks.


We work in sensitive environments and aim to go beyond merely minimising impacts, while we can maximise benefits for ecology.

Sediment Management

We specialise in beneficial reuse of sediment and alternative methods of disposal, including licencing and permitting.


We provide a range of hydraulic, geotechnical and civil engineering services for the dredging related environment.

Project Management

We project tailored project and site management and external funding advice for grant funding bids.


We provide various oceanographic survey solutions for estuaries, harbours and the foreshore, including current, ADCP, CTD, SVP and multiparameter instruments.

Monitoring & Surveys

Short-, Long-, and continuous environmental monitoring of baseline and dredging projects.

Research & Development

We draw on the latest research, technology and contribute to the field of applied sciences with our own innovative studies.

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