Exo Environmental provides consultancy and surveying services for sediment and water management with a focus on ecology.

Survey and Monitoring

We provide various survey solutions for estuaries, harbours and the foreshore, oceanographic, hydrographic, bathymetric, benthic, ecological and sediment surveys.

Consents and licensing

Our team has extensive experience in obtaining licences, consents or permits. Our understanding of MMO, EA and NE regulatory processes supports a smooth project delivery.

Project management

We have a proven track record of excellent project management provided on an individual basis. This includes advice on external funding sources, site management and stakeholder consultation.

GIS and data management

Collected data will be professionally processed, stored, and made available to clients, additional processing and statistical analysis with specialist software is possible where required.

habitat restoration and creation

A team of experts in habitat restoration and creation is available to assist with your project. Freshwater, marine and intertidal habitats are part of our core areas of competence.

Dredging Consultants

Dredging, desilting and sediment removal is one of our core activities and in combination with our other services, we can provide a complete package.

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Monitoring is so important to inform yourself (and others) about successes (and failures), but also - successes like this help keep us all #motivated 😁

Need a specific surveying tool? Did you know we hire out environmental survey equipment? Take a look at our new rental page for more information:
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We're currently working on a few Interreg 2 Seas projects, one of which being #USAR (Using Sediment As a Resource) with Brightlingsea Harbour. To read more about USAR, head to:

How would you conduct a bathymetric survey? Find out in the second of Exo's tutorial-based YouTube videos!
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Interesting job opportunity here with Exo Environmental @Exo_Env 👩‍🔬👨‍🔬🧪🌎

#UEAScience @UEAEnvStudents @UEAstudents #environmental #Career

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Map of Client Network - 2019

A map showing locations across Europe of Exo's projects